Hosiery Tips


The denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn from which hosiery is woven, Generally the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance and the more fragile the tights. 5 is the sheerest and 100 is the most opaque (or solid).


  • Perfect for achieving a bare leg look.
  • Perfect for summer
  • Durable for everyday wear

20-40 DENIER

  • Semi opaque hosiery for more coverage
  • Still allows your skin to show through
  • Stronger and longer lasting

50-80 DENIER

  • Opaque hosiery, where skin is far less visible
  • Available in a wide variety of colours
  • Thicker yarns, resulting in a higher durability


  • Complete leg coverage at all times
  • Perfect for keeping your legs warm during the cold winter months
  • Extra durable, resulting in a longer lasting product



Proper sizing is a critical determinant of hosiery’s durability. Like any garment, when hosiery fabric is stretched too tight, it is susceptible to greater stress and it will tear and wear out. To ensure proper sizing, you have to be accurate in determining your height and, most important, your weight. Most pantyhose will stretch to fit women who fall within the specific size range for their height and weight according to the size guide on the packaging.

If you fall between two sizes on the size chart, go with the next one up. Hosiery should be snug to avoid bagging at the knees or ankles, but if they are too tight, pantyhose are susceptible to runs and holes.

A “One Size” pantyhose is generally sized to fit an average to tall person so if you are larger or smaller you may find the fit unsuitable.

For a smooth, close fit, select styles with a percentage of elastane (lycra).


Taking care of your pantyhose


First, take care in putting them on and taking them off. Don’t wear jewellery while handling pantyhose and be careful of rough spots on your hands, feet, fingernails, toenails and the inside of your shoes. Put pantyhose on gently and smoothly, and don’t pull them too tight.  Gather the leg within your hands and slowly run them up your leg. Once they are on, lightly wet your hands and carefully smooth upward, for a more perfect fit.

Need a tiny adjustment? Don’t yank or pull. Instead, inch hose up from your ankle to waist, or take them off and start over.

If you are the “toe-run” type, leave a little extra room in the toe area when putting hose on, or select reinforced toe styles.

Always check your shoes and boots for any rough edges, which could cause a run. Boots can be bad news for hosiery. There is a tendency for wear to occur at the top of the boot, so we suggest that you do not wear your “best” hosiery with boots.

Don’t forget that pantyhose are just as likely to be damaged when taking them off, so take off your hosiery just as carefully as you put them on.


When washing them, pay attention to the care instructions on the packaging. Make sure your detergent does not contain chlorine bleach, which can remove colour and damage fibres. Pantyhose should be washed by hand, using a mild detergent. If you do use a washing machine, put your pantyhose in a hosiery wash bag or a pillowcase so they don’t get caught on the zippers and buttons of other clothes in the wash load. Wash in cold or lukewarm water, using the “gentle” cycle.

To dry, place one or two pairs on a towel, roll up and squeeze the towel lightly to remove excess moisture. Never wring the hosiery as this can easily damage the delicate fibers. Lie flat to dry to avoid stretching. NEVER dry your hosiery in the dryer.


Always store your hosiery in a separate lingerie pouch, to avoid snags and pulls from rough drawer edges.





Hold Ups, also known as stay ups, have an elasticated or silicone band at the top of the product resulting in them not falling down. They are cooler during the summer months and are just as sexy as stockings.


Stockings require a garter/suspender belt, which will need to be purchased separately. They are a sexy staple for every wardrobe.


Footless tights are a denier based hosiery. The denier will depend on the thickness of the product. They foot can be seen, so are perfect for summer with sandals.


Knee High Socks provide excellent coverage of your calves. They are ideal for spring and summer with skirts and sandals or perfect for winter under trousers.


Majority of our overknee socks are cotton based, however there are a select few available in deniers. They can be worn over tights for an on trend look. Overknee socks are an essential wardrobe item.